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Frequently Asked Questions

Buffalo Taxi Cab Service is charging only $80  from Buffalo Airport to Niagara Falls USA NY side and $95 from Buffalo Airport to Niagara Falls Canada Side. The price is a FLAT Rate per Car.

No, you cannot. Uber does not currently allow drivers to cross the border for various legal reasons.

To be exact it’s about 11 miles and we charge you only $30 FLAT Rates per car. You can choose a van or a car with the same price. Child seat is free of charge in our company.

It depends which border we are referring to. There are three United States to Canada border crossings in the Niagara Falls area, all within 28 miles (45 kilometers) of Buffalo, New York. Peace Bridge is the closest one which falls about 15 miles. The Lewiston-Queenston Bridge crossings are among the busiest of all Canadian border crossings

The Rainbow Bridge is the most direct route from Niagara FallsNew York, to Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. You can drive, walk or bike into Canada on this Rainbow bridge, which also offers a nice waterfalls views

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